A Physical Therapy Group Like No Other

January 24, 2018

You don’t just get the knowledge and skill when you come to one of these offices. You get the whole experience and care.  

Between Dr. E. Mohamed and Dr. E. Amin, they have over 71 years experience in physical therapy. Both friends for over 40 years.  Both warm and inviting also. There are two locations for the physical therapy team.  One on Spring Hill Dr. and the other off Cortez Blvd. The one on Spring Hill Dr. also offers speech therapy with Jeanine Lovell, MS, CCC, SLP.  Jeanine specializes in strokes, aphasia, apraxia, voice disorders, traumatic brain injury and other kinds of speech disorders. A former Long Island girl, she makes you feel like you have an old neighbor on the block helping you.

In the Brooksville office, you have Lisa Ann Puntino and Ron Petway sit side by side at the front desk both singing softly to the Motown music playing. Lisa Ann Puntino will proudly show anyone the office Christmas tree which is never taken down, decorated differently for each upcoming holiday. 

Dr. Ehab Amin will tell you that many offices may say they are like a family, this is possibly the closest-knit group of coworkers you will get. Teasing each other one minute then right back to work and humming in harmony together with the next.  The patient’s interactions with them show noticeable comfortability. Supporting the notion that everyone becomes part of this close-knit family once here. These are not your normal cold sterile offices, rather quaint inviting second families. 

Dr. Ehab Amin who has over 35 years experience as a physical therapist loves the way his office is always laughing, many times hysterically.  "We can promise you when you come into our office you will get a real quality of care in a very, very, very, very friendly environment. We are fun." He always knew he wanted to be in healthcare but the reason he chose physical therapy was that of his experience as a teenager in high school taking care of his uncle who had neuromyopathy.  This experience is what ignited his passion to help rehabilitate people.     

He once had an 86-year-old patient from years ago who was in a rehabilitation center. She was bitter and angry and didn't want to be bothered with any kind of physical therapy whatsoever. Dr. Amin refused to give up on her. He would stop by her room every day to make chit-chat and talk with her. Little by little she started to trust him. He found out how she was abandoned by her family and lost her will to live. Her motivation for life was completely gone.    

This personal bond he formed indirectly saved her life. Before you knew it, she became very fond of him. She started doing her physical therapy with him and became strong. For fun, she would make him sit in the wheelchair and wheel him around the center playfully laughing.    Years later the memory of her still brings him joy not only because of the physical skill he gave her but also because he knows how instrumental he was in helping her get back her will to live. In his words, "Patients are humans and need to be addressed physically, mentally and emotionally."   

Dr.  Emad Mohamed who has 36 years experience in physical therapy is also NDT (neuro-developmental treatment) certified. Very few people are certified for this in Hernando County.  He is also certified for vertigo from the American Institute for Balance which is a leader in Vestibular Studies and Equilibrium Disorder Training. He is proud that the PT office offers IVD which is intervertebral disc decompression. He explained that there are places that say they do this but in actuality do not have the correct machine for the disc decompression and he is very proud that his office does.  

Curing people of vertigo which can be very debilitating is one of his most exciting achievements. He says you have to "Live to Learn." Each patient teaches you something new and sometimes you need know one of the most important things you can give a patient is "a smile." In September 1982 at his graduation, his father gave him golden advice.  His father told him," Treat every single person like they are your father, mother, sister, or brother.  Because at some point you will be in their shoes." And my favorite quote from his father is "Try everything 100 times and after 100 times try again." Wise words of a man anyone would be blessed to meet.

- By Toni Martin

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