Celebrating Years in Medical Service Together

July 3, 2018

Something special happens when you walk through the doors of 10200 Yale Ave. in Brooksville.

You become part of their family and sense a bond among people who have gone through many motions of life together. If their office can find a reason to celebrate they will.  Moreover, this time they are celebrating their years of service.

Their ties have only gotten stronger as they have worked through so many years together witnessing each other’s evolvements. All life’s moments that they have gone through and even individual hardships that some have encountered, they always managed to be there for each other. Dr. Mark Denner, who served as a national guard and retired as a full bird colonel, feels particularly grateful for how the office had always held everything together even when he was deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan. Dr. David Miller and Dr. Mark Denner have been close friends since medical school. As they reminisce about their youthful adventures together, everyone gets to enjoy the pleasant moments together and live through them with their detailed narratives.  While Dr. Denner and Dr. Miller both celebrate 25 years of service together, they are well aware of how fortunate they are to have the support that they do with the entire staff.  Joshua Wozniak-10 years, Diana Brijbag-25 years, Sherri Croson-20 years, and Heidi Nazelrod-10 years all celebrating their milestone too.   

The entire staff at the office have all lived, laughed, loved and cried together. As all good people do, they have bumped heads, struggled, and had some better days than others in human moments.  However, there is something to be said when an office realizes how special their milestones are and choose to celebrate by lifting each other up.  Perhaps this is the reason for their success.  Over 100 years of cumulative medical service achieved as a team, happy patients and a waiting list of people who would like to work at this office.   They must be doing something right.

Congratulations on your years of service Dr. DennerDr. Miller, and team. Dr. Denner, we also thank you for your 32 years of service in the army.  Your entire office has something extraordinary. Thank you for always sharing your magic moments with us.

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