How Artificial Sweeteners Do More Harm Than Good

December 27, 2018

For those who have been struggling to shed those stubborn pounds without forsaking their sweet treats, artificial sweeteners seem to be just the solution, However, are these chemically formulated products really that perfect? Read further to learn more.

Diet sodas are a perfect example of junk foods sold under the guise of ‘healthier’ options as they contain zero calories. The reason behind the lack of calories in these drinks is the use of artificial sweeteners like saccharine, aspartame, and sucralose that create a sugary illusion without piling on the calories. While researchers and physicians do not entirely shun the use of such products, they do recommend practicing caution. Here are some of the darker health-related truths that hide inside that can of diet soda you love so much:

  1. Artificial Sweeteners May Increase Your Hankering for Sugar – Since these products are way stronger than regular sugar, even the smallest amount makes food taste extremely sweet. Subjecting your taste buds to such intense sweetness may blunt your ability to appreciate other foods, therefore, making nutritious items like veggies and fruits which have subtle flavors less appealing.

  2. Artificial Sweeteners Heighten Your Risk of Having a Stroke – A research study that focused on 3000 participants and their consumption of diet colas found that those who drank even one such drink in a day had three times the number of strokes as compared to those who didn’t drink them at all. This group was also more vulnerable to developing dementia in their later years.

  3. Consuming Low-Calorie Sweeteners May Make You More Susceptible to Metabolic Syndrome – Drinking even a single artificially sweetened beverage in a day can hike your risk for metabolic syndrome by 36%. This condition is characterized by elevated resistance to insulin, hypertension, and thrombosis. It, therefore, makes you prone to cardiovascular disorders and heart attacks.

  4. Excessive Use Of Chemical Sweeteners Raises Your Odds Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes- The whole point of consuming items that contain low-calorie artificial sweeteners is to keep diabetes at bay. However, it is a proven fact that the chances of developing this chronic condition are 25% more in individuals who partake of such foods as compared to those who stay away from them.

Clearly, artificial sweeteners are not the godsend that they are made out to be. It is, therefore, vital for you to limit your consumption of foods laced with such chemicals if you are keen on living a healthy and active life for years to come.

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