5 Suggestions to Keep Varicose Veins at Bay

August 6, 2018

Almost two-thirds of the entire female population in the United States suffer from varicose veins during their life. These protruding blood carriers that typically gather up on the legs are not just cosmetically unappealing but also quite painful and itchy most of the times. The primary reason behind varicosities is dysfunctional leg valves that have grown inefficient at stopping blood from gushing back. Such a malfunction causes heaviness in the veins, making them lose their elasticity and become engorged.

We have collated a list of preventive steps that you can take right away to lower the threat of varicose veins.

  1. Include a 30-minute Exercise Plan in Your Routine – The benefits of incorporating a regular workout in your daily life are many. One of these is the prevention of varicose veins as exercising enhances blood circulation and therefore, averts valvular breakdown. Cardiovascular workouts like running and walking are particularly helpful in preventing varicosities.

  2. Prop Your Legs Up – When sitting for a prolonged period, try and prop your legs up on a footstool or any other support so that the chances of a build-up of blood in your lower extremities are reduced. Doing this on a regular basis will decrease the burden on the veins.

  3. Kick That Cigarette Butt – Smoking is a known instigator of abnormally elevated blood pressure which is one of the leading factors that cause swollen veins. Getting rid of your addiction to cigarettes will cancel your propensity for damaging your veins.

  4. Swap Tight Clothes with Loose-Fitting Ones – Clothes that tightly encase the lower half of your body, in particular, can interfere with the proper circulation of blood. This fact holds true for high-heeled footwear like stilettos too. Choosing to wear free-flowing garments and comfortable flat-heeled shoes is a step in the right direction when it comes to avoiding varicose veins.

  5. Avoid Becoming Constipated – Eating a diet rich in fiber and consuming enough water in a day can help you keep your bowels moving. Since constipation is a significant underlying factor when it comes to swollen and inflamed veins, keeping it at bay can be very beneficial in assuring good vein health.

Taking care of the health of your veins today can save you a great deal of distress in the future. The tips given above can be instrumental in helping you steer clear of varicose veins throughout your lifetime.

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