5 Things That Can Help You Strengthen Your Bones

December 8, 2018

Diseases that affect the bones, making them porous and easy to crack affect 50% of the female and 25% of the male population over 50 years of age. Suffering from such a condition can be quite frustrating as it leads to dependence on others even for routine chores. Women are much more vulnerable due in part to their bones being tinier. The hormonal upheaval brought along by menopause also hastens bone deterioration. However, this does not mean that men are immune to bone troubles. Other risk factors that include smoking, alcohol abuse, and obesity can all hike the risk quotient for men as well.

It is vital to take preventive measures that help you build bone mass over time, keeping in mind the severe effects of rapid bone-breakdown with age. Here are some things that are worth trying:

  1. Get Into The Habit Of Exercising Regularly – A combination of weight-bearing routines like walking or playing racquetball, or aerobics and strength-training routines that include resistance training and yoga, is the perfect way to ensure swift bone-regeneration. Alternating between these two forms of exercise and devoting about 2.5 hours to it every week can help strengthen the bones.

  2. If You Are A Smoker, Quit Now – Lower bone strength is a common issue amongst those who smoke. They are, therefore, more prone to injuries. Women smokers, in particular, are easy preys because nicotine lowers the level of estrogen secreted, causing early onset of menopause and a higher chance of bone damage.

  3. Get Your Daily Dose Of Sunshine – Our body can produce vitamin D, an essential nutrient for excellent bone health, only in the presence of sunlight. For this reason, it is vital to spend at least 20 minutes outdoors every day. Vitamin D helps improve calcium absorption, making the bones sturdy.

  4. Assess Your Medications – Some prescription drugs may have negative side-effects on your bones. For instance, prednisone, a corticosteroid given to those with arthritis, can impair bone health by hampering the absorption of calcium. In such situations, discuss the alternatives and damage-control options with your physician before you begin taking the medication.

  5. Cut Your Soda Intake – Many studies have shown that cola drinks have bone-depleting properties that cause a depreciation in bone density. Replace such drinks with fresh fruit juices, coconut water, or even unsweetened iced tea or coffee to keep your bones protected.

Practicing healthy eating habits and maintaining a consistently active lifestyle can safeguard your bones from excessive wear and tear as well as bolster their ability to redevelop quickly. Giving your bones the attention, they need today, will make all the difference as you step into your golden years.

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