5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to the Farmer's Market

November 11, 2018

Buying organic fare with local origins has become a popular choice, and as a result, many shop at farmer markets frequently. In this article, we present suggestions that will help you grab the best that such markets have to offer while avoiding hassles and the risk of overspending.

Farmers’ Market is a concept that aims at directly connecting growers and customers. Most people enjoy a trip to such markets as it can be a fun outing especially when the weather is pleasant. With rows of attractively decorated stalls exhibiting their delicious looking, fresh, and usually organic goods, it is a healthy eater’s haven. However, before you visit one, here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

  1. Time Your Trip Well – It is essential to reach the market early to get your hands on the best of the goodies. At the same time, though, if you are on a tight budget, go towards closing time as this is when most merchants will sell at discounted rates.
  2. Interact with The Vendors – It is an excellent idea to get to know the vendors before you begin filling your baskets with their wares. By talking to the stall-owners, you can ascertain if they are selling genuinely organic items as well as if they are producers or resellers.
  3. Spot the Big Agro Stalls - If you are passionate about encouraging local cultivators, learn how to spot and avoid commercial resellers who have been trying to penetrate such markets for some time now. Stalls that are showcasing out-of-season products, unnaturally flawless produce and plastic packaging are, in all likelihood, resellers. You can even check the market directory, often available online, to zero in on the stalls that you would like to visit.
  4. Come Prepared with Bags and Cash – Most stalls do not hand out carry bags for you to carry your purchases. Such a step is usually taken to discourage use of plastic and cut down the amount of waste generated at the market. Another thing that will help you reduce idle time and shop more is bringing small bills of cash. While bigger stalls tend to accept credit cards too, it is usually at the farmer’s expense. Paying for your shopping with change will help the farmers reduce costs.
  5. Check Quality Without Damaging the Produce – People often check for ripeness and quality by squeezing fruits. When you press an apple or a tomato, for instance, you are unknowingly damaging them by leaving fingerprints that show up some moments later or by accidentally puncturing them. Instead, you can ask the owner for samples to try.

Shopping at a farmers’ market can be therapeutic and fulfilling. It benefits local farmers as well as buyers equally. So, pull out a list of the markets around you today and make sure you visit one this weekend!

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