6 Ways to Achieve Glowing Skin for a Lifetime

December 22, 2018

Loosened skin that is as dry as a parched leaf is not a feature that is coveted by anyone. Unfortunately, with age, it is common to suddenly notice that your skin which used to be supple and glowing once upon a time has now become rough and lackluster. The biggest reason behind the degeneration of skin over time is the depletion of elastin and collagen, tissues that are responsible for keeping it fresh and bouncy. Another fallout of aging is the wearing out of the skin’s uppermost layer known as the epidermis which makes it more transparent and allows the veins beneath to become more prominently visible. Moreover, solutions that used to work wonders for your skin when you were younger may now be utterly ineffective as your skin’s needs have changed drastically.

Even though changes in skin quality are inevitable with age, there are ways in which you can lower the rate of skin depreciation and maintain good skin longer. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Stay Protected From Sun Damage – Overexposure to UV radiations is the biggest reason for premature aging. A sunscreen that has an SPF value of over 30 is your best bet when it comes to adequate skin protection.

  2. Avoid Long Baths – Long baths, particularly in hot water, can spoil your skin since soaking in soapy water for too long can lead to loss of moisture and consequently extensive damage.

  3. Moisturize Right After a Shower – It is essential to replenish your skin’s hydration level immediately after soak by applying a good moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to check with your doctor for a medicated cream that has a soothing effect.

  4. Swap Strong Cleansers with Milder Ones – Many commercial cleansers and anti-aging products contain chemicals that may do more harm than good. These products can cause irritation that may lay out the path for skin troubles later. Consider using a milder cleanser that is devoid of fragrance and alcohol.

  5. Get a Humidifier – Air conditioning units and home heating systems can suck out all the moisture from the interiors of your house. Install a humidifier in your house that can help retain the moisture and keep your skin from drying excessively.

  6. Dump the Cigarettes – Smoking interferes with the proper circulation of blood and, therefore, causes wrinkles to appear sooner rather than later.

While it is essential to use products to safeguard your skin from external factors, it is equally crucial to adjust your dietary intake so that it includes healthy foods and sufficient water to maintain great looking skin throughout your life.

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