Meet Monica Esposito, DO

Access Health Care Physicians┬« would like to welcome Monica Esposito, DO to our family. Dr. Esposito is a Floridian, coming from Southeast Florida. At her previous practice in south St. Pete, she had a large following and once you have the chance to meet her, it’s no surprise why.

Dr. Esposito has known medicine was her calling from the age of 13. Her younger brother was put into a medically induced coma at age 10, when he suffered from Encephalitis, Pneumonia, and kidney failure as a result of widespread infection. Her family was told that recovery was not expected and that if he did survive, he would likely have brain damage. Miraculously he made a full recovery. She remembers how scary it felt to be at the mercy of what people were telling you, having to sit on the sidelines feeling hopeless. This experience is what propelled her into the field of medicine, despite her many other passions.   

Dr. Esposito was Chief Patient Advocate during her second year of residency and Chief Resident during her third. She won the Key Service award when volunteering at the hospitals. Currently, she has her heart set on being able to help in areas of great need. “I have seen people walk for miles, who have nothing, with no shoes on their feet, to get medical help. They are so grateful for any care they can receive. I feel this is something all doctors should do because it reminds you of why you went into medicine.”

Dr. Esposito also has a competitive side. She is a passionate athlete who played competitive tennis and was approached to become a professional salsa dancer, as she taught classes throughout college. However, her dedication to medicine was too great and she pushed her opportunities for dancing aside. Still, dancing is her place of serenity. She explains how it is relaxing, great exercise, and mentally stimulating as you have to interpret what you are listening to.    She loves just about anything outdoors and is a huge hockey fan, specifically loving the Bolts. She is a big family kind of person who loves to bake and is known to make delicious carrot cake! Growing up, she and her mother would make a big batch of Christmas cookies each year, making baking part of her love language (in moderation, of course!)

She has two core principles that she feels are very important:

  • She prioritizes the development of relationships with patients. Dr. Esposito wants them to trust her and involve their families in part of their health and wellness.
  • She practices what she preaches, so to speak. She does her best to stay healthy, maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routines, and creating a good balance of work and life. She will not try to promote a healthy lifestyle when she is not living it herself.

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