The Access Hospitalist Program and the People Behind it

The Access Hospitalist Program and the People Behind it

To learn more about the Access Hospitalist program, I sat down with Debra Ludlow, the Access Health Care Patient Care Coordinator, who has 25 years of experience in the field.  As she explains the whole program in detail, it is clear that patient advocacy is her heart and soul. “Patients need it. Many have no support or their family members just need guidance, an advocate, or voice. We work with them, and for them, to help them make the best decisions and get all the assistance we can (for their loved one).”

Instead of PCPs rounding the hospitals, the Access hospitalist team treats the Access population. A true hospitalist stays onsite for over 8-12 hours to make sure communication is thorough and to ensure that patients are visited multiple times, results are reviewed, and progress is monitored. They are onsite full-time. Most work 7 days on and 7 days off, which helps ensure that when the patient is hospitalized, they are more likely to be with a doctor who can see them through their entire course of acute care. Regular hospitalists help establish relationships with the clinicians and specialists at the facility. This helps in developing a stronger bond and becoming a more efficient force working together for the wellbeing of patients. Their on-site presence is priceless. 

What is different about the Access Health Care Hospitalist program? This program was designed by Dr. Pariksith Singh to ensure that when an Access patient is hospitalized, nothing falls through the cracks on behalf of their medical care.  With patient advocacy and quality as two of our program’s top values, Access ensures that patients are appropriately cared for and followed up with, even after being released from the hospital. The system is designed to ensure patient advocacy— being a voice for patients and their families, and fighting for the true integrity of their care. All of this was Dr. Singh’s vision, which he incorporated into this program (more than eight years ago).

Our Field Case Management team members visit patients’ rooms to sit and talk with them. They ask patients about their objectives and help them meet those targets. They become the patient’s voice to help them with medical decisions and discharge planning goals—anything including medication needs, follow up appointments with primary care providers, home health care decisions, and much more. As Deb explains the very broad spectrum of what she and her team do to help take care of their patients, only one word comes to mind…angels. They truly are guardians that use their knowledge and experience to protect patients and their families by not only looking out for patients’ physical health, but for their mental health as well.

It’s no wonder this program has expanded through the years with its proven effectiveness.  The Access hospitalist program started at Oak Hill Hospital, and expanded to Bayonet Point, Bayfront, Citrus Memorial, and then to skilled nursing facilities. Currently, the program is in six hospitals and twenty skilled nursing facilities. At these locations, you will find doctors, APRNs, PAs, field case managers, and care coordinators all working closely with the patients’ primary care doctors to ensure the best quality of care. Our team works with the patients and their family members to assist in making the best decisions for them.  The benefits of this are patient advocacy and keeping high levels of communication for all parties to ensure continuity of care. 

Access Health Care Physicians® is dedicated to making sure patients have the best quality care possible. Deb Ludlow and other committed medical professionals will be by your side fighting to give you the highest standard of care.  To learn more about Access Health Care please go to and follow us on Facebook at

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