A Father's Gift for a Daughter's Dream

December 13,2018

Dr. Mariya Milko is Board Certified in Internal Medicine with a masters in Musculoskeletal Medicine.  She spent an extra year in college studying anatomy, osteopathic medicine & the art of teaching medicine.  Recently she had an essay published about the joys and challenges of medicine in the Fall 2018 FLACP Governor’s Newsletter.  Her plans were to share her thoughts on a woman’s approach to dealing with medicine, but to her surprise they featured her entire essay.  Dr. Milko also participates in a project for Atrial Fibrillation with the American College of Physicians which is to improve quality of care by submitting data and risk assessments with the goal of implementing quality improvements aimed at improving atrial fibrillation management. It is not an exaggeration to say she puts her all in everything she does, especially patient care.

Dr. Milko recently joined Access Health Care Physicians approximately a year and a half ago.  A doctor for over four years she is not one who needs to log into her computer to know her patient’s situations.  Initially she spends a substantial amount of time getting to know them. This is why she can recall most right off the top of her head.  She never wants her quality of care to become depleted which is why she would rather have 250 patients whom she knows their names than 1000 she may not be able to recall exactly what’s going on. Sitting in her office you can see all the sentimental artwork and gifts her patients have given her displayed neatly on her filing cabinet.  Protective over her patients, she loves them even when they seem to not love themselves. She gets very upset if care for them gets postponed or neglected in any way. Dr. Milko has a love for teaching and in appointments likes to explain why

they need the care she recommends. Through the years she has found that people are more receptive and compliant once they understand the reasons for the care you advise. She does very detailed charting every day so to make sure a previous thought never goes missed. Even her staff goes above and beyond to help coordinating patient care for those who are not capable of coordinating care for themselves due to memory issues, anxiety, homelessness and other reasons.  She has a very tender heart for the indigent population and looks out for patients that others might blow off due to living, financial or substance abuse situations.  It’s like a maternal instinct she says. “My job is to help people, not judge them.”

You might wonder how one gets such a driven mind set like this. Born of Russian immigrants, she moved to America with her parents when she was only seven years old. At a young age she started to notice many of the obstacles her parents had to overcome, how hard they worked, and never gave up on their pursuit to give her a better life than they had themselves. Though her mother has a Master’s degree in journalism and piano, no one would hire her. “Who wants to hire a journalist with a Russian accent?” Dr. Milko says. Her father made money however he could to help provide, weather it was being a bus boy, dishwasher, taxi driver or pizza maker, nothing was in question when it came to taking care of his family.

Both parents learned English in their late thirties became role models of what dedication and hard work really were. Her initial interest in becoming a doctor began at the age of eight when her grandmother had a stroke paralyzing one side of her body. As a child she wanted to help Grandma and this stayed with her years later.

Later on in life Dr. Milko decided to pursue her passion for arts, performance and dance with ballet. She was a ballet dancer in theater for ten years and fell in love with the art of interacting through performance. While in college for dance the cut-throat nature of performance became more and more prevalent. After an audition for Julliard School, she still remembers the long heart to heart talk her father gave her on the subway on their way home.

It was a talk about life, realities, happiness and her future. He pointed out to her that with her good hearted moral nature she would have to be sure she would be fulfilled in an environment of showbiz and performance. He reminded her of her first dream in life of being a doctor and taking care of people. That was her true nature, nurturing, caring and teaching. Years later she finds more and more that her father’s advice was right.  It was her father who gave her the dream and her mother the passion to do her best. After remembering her subway talk with her father she says “This is why I kept my maiden name Milko. With everything my father gave me he deserved to have a doctor in the family.”

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