Access Health Care Physicians, LLC's Yuliya Markova, MD, Addresses Hernando Guardians

April 10, 2018

Access Health Care’s hospitalist, Dr. Yuliya Markova and Patient Care Coordinator, Ms. Deb Ludlow met with the Suncoast Branch of the Guardian Association at the Atria Senior Living Facility to talk about their contribution. Medical guardians are a legal resource that allows one individual to make decisions for someone who might not have a family or any local trusted friends to look after them.


Dr. Markova started out by thanking the group of guardians for their deeds. She was very grateful for how guardians helped paint the whole picture of a patient’s life. While praising them, she said, “More people need to speak up for the patients.”


Dr. Markova further explained precisely what a hospitalist is and how Access Health Care Physicians┬« offer hospitalists a full support structure of everything they need for providing quality care. She told them no matter how much Access grows; they are still a very tight-knit organization. Any person that the hospitalist would need to contact regarding the patient is in the same medical ecosystem and within easy reach.


Deb Ludlow is a significant force when it comes to all the hospital relations, especially reaching out to facilities on behalf of the patient. Through the years she has mastered ways of finding all the details needed to put the puzzle pieces together on the patient’s behalf. “Sometimes we might not be very popular with the hospital because we require the hospital to do the right thing. The Access case managers and doctors go above and beyond”, Deb explained.  Deb and the Field Case Management team have a very clear conscious doing what is best for the patient.


With her soft-spoken voice, Dr. Markova educated and answered questions with conviction and undeniable passion. She told the group that they will always have someone to call when they have questions regarding patient care or more. Contact numbers and reading information about Access and what they do for the community were put together inside the goody bags that were made for the gathering.


Dr. Markova, Deb Ludlow, and the entire Access hospital network are a dynamite team. They educated the crowd in the best manner, and a lot of people were eager to learn how to become a part of Access. Everyone should have a team made up of people like such, looking out for them when admitted to a hospital.


There is an extreme shortage of Guardians. There are many misunderstandings, and patients think they have to pay for them. It was a great initiative led by Dr. Markova to clear up these misunderstandings.


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