Amy Bennett's Motivational Speech

July 27,2018

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC would like to recognize Amy Bennett, our Regulatory Compliance Audit Supervisor/Corporate Safety Officer for giving her powerful motivational speech on July 24th at the BPW Hernando meeting held at Rising Sun Bistro.    


In her “Eye of the Tiger” deliverance, she spoke of overcoming family obstacles, fighting personal timidity, life as a military wife when your husband does not come home the same and the importance of honest self-reflection. 


She emphasized how small steps, that may seem insignificant, have a way of being turning points leading to your true path.

With her teenage daughter in the audience, she inspired professional women from all backgrounds with her life story of perseverance and dedication.


We are very proud of Amy for inspiring the woman of Hernando County where we have grown, where we love! 


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