Mirra Health Care, LLC, Invited to Participate in HIMSS Conference in Orlando

Mirra Health Care, LLC, one of the many companies founded by Pariksith Singh, MD, of Spring Hill, was invited to participate in the 2019 Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 Global Conference & Exhibition from February 11-15 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Mirra will be located at booth 8149. For more information call 855-442-8401 or go to MirraHealthCare.com


About Mirra Health Care, LLC

As a product and service, Mirra serves three major entities in the industry – the payor, the patients, and the provider. Mirra offers products and services across healthcare processes like credentialing, claims submission, claims adjudication, utilization management, compliance, quality support, IT support for physicians’ offices, and education modules for healthcare professionals to make the doctor-patient relationship stronger and increase return on investment. Mirra allows you to focus on the passion of your practice, leaving all the rest to our professionals.


Mirra takes care of you so you can care for your patients. 

Each one of Mirra’s wide range of services is created by people who have mastered their particular service line for decades. The Mirra system is unified which allows each component to interface seamlessly with each other. “Thus, issues do not fall through the cracks, which only improves the care you provide to patients.” Below is a list of the various products and services Mirra offers to fill the needs of physicians, IPAs and ACOs. As you review them, a practice may choose either the full package or any one or more of the services. You may choose to obtain the software, or we can do it for you. It goes without saying, let one of our Mirra consultants help you choose what is best for your needs. These services include:


  • Care management – Does your practice need to apply the application of systems, science, incentives and information to improve medical practice and assist patient populations to become more collaborative and engaged with their own care in order to manage conditions more effectively? The following services fill that need:
    • Disease management
    • Case management
    • Utilization management
    • call center of highly trained staff and customer service and telephone etiquette skills provides a patient outreach necessary to ensure and improve patient engagement
  • Claims management – are you losing revenue due to incorrect claims. Is your MRA score where you think it should be? Should your quality score be higher than it is? Efficient claims management is crucial to everything. This includes:
    • Coding
    • Billing
    • Denial management
    • Data analytics
    • Auditing protocols
  • Credentialing and contracting – are you a provider who needs customized credentialing and contracting management services to maximize your reimbursement? Our CredAxisSM helps you streamline credentialing and contracting turnaround time while you focus on patient care.
  • Utilization management – Mirra provides a high-tech state-of-the-art utilization management software platform for health plans that is officially designed for prior authorization and referral management. Its features include:
    • Carefusion
    • Smart Assign
    • Smart Alert
    • Smart Move
    • UM “Authancestry”
    • UM Calculation
    • UM Member Wave
    • UM Facility Fusion
  • Education – Do you need a program that will make learning fun for you, staff and your patients?  Mirra’s education component provides CME for licensure renewal, CEU for credit hours for midlevel nurse, coder and other certified staff, staff education and patient education.
  • IT Solutions – Mirra provides a wide range of scalable solutions that are secure and compliant, because one size does not fit all. They include:
    • High availability data center solutions
    • Solutions backed by certified professionals
    • A wide range of IT management solutions for your practice



The Health Information Management Services Society is a mission-driven, non-profit, offering a unique depth and breadth of expertise in health innovation, public safety, workforce development, research and analytics to advise global leaders, stakeholders and influencers on best practices in health information and technology. Through our innovation companies, HIMSS delivers key insights, education, and engaging events to healthcare providers, governments and market suppliers, ensuring they have the right information at the point of decision.


As an association, HIMSS encompasses more than 72,000 individual members and 603 corporate members. We partner with hundreds of providers, academic institutions, and health services organizations on strategic initiatives that leverage innovative information and technology. Together we work to improve health, access, and the quality of cost effectiveness of healthcare.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, HIMSS serves the global health, information and technology communities with focused operations across North America, Europe, United Kingdom, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

About the Founder

Pariksith Singh, MD is the founder of Mirra Health Care, LLC, which is a full-service resource for physicians, IPAs, TPAs (Third Party Administrator), HMOs, ACOs, and patients. Mirra’s services provide: profile management, credentialing, contract management, hospital privileging, primary source verification, claims management, care management, and billing management.


He is a practicing physician of 30 years. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, he has seen that the changes in the healthcare industry are both transformative and unsettling at the same time. “For me it is a time for remarkable opportunity, growth, and innovation,” he says. “I can look back at what I have accomplished, but also look forward in eager anticipation at what is possible.”


Mirra is only one of the many companies he has founded. In addition to heading up a leading IPA, he has started a healthcare HMO, an ACO, and created one of the best healthcare corporate infrastructures in the business.


Beside his corporate endeavors, he continues to see patients. His genuine care for others’ wellbeing is evident in his interactions with patients. “He remembers something personal – and not healthcare related – about every one of his patients,” says one of his staff members.


Dr. Singh and his wife and partner, Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, have four children. In addition to family activities, Dr. Singh’s hobbies include writing poetry, litera­ture, religion and philosophy. Dr. Singh also dedicates much of his time to philanthropic endeavors and is passionate about supporting all of our veterans.


About Access Health Care Physicians, LLC

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC is a multiservice medical practice consisting of over 190 healthcare providers and over 1,015 employees at more than 125 locations throughout Florida. Our healthcare professionals provide a wide range of services not only in our offices but within patients’ homes. Yes, we make house calls.


Our medical services include:

  1. Comprehensive Diabetes Care Clinic
  2. Blood Draws
  3. Holter Monitor
  4. Physical Therapy and Rehab
  5. Vascular Study
  6. Nuclear Stress Testing
  7. Echocardiogram/EKG
  8. Carotid Doppler
  9. Venous Doppler
  10. Arterial Doppler
  11. Ultrasound
  12. Bone Density Testing
  13. Pulmonary Function Testing
  14. Anodyne Treatment
  15. Treatment of injuries resulting from automobile accidents including soft tissue injuries

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC main office is located at 5350 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34606. For more information call 352-688-8116, visit us at ahcpllc.com or like us on Facebook.

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