"Patients Come First" - Dr. Janice Rodriguez-Perez

November 13, 2018

Dr. Janice Rodriguez-Perez joined our Access family a little over a year ago and it’s no surprise the community has embraced her with open arms.  While selecting her practice, she connected to the office of Dr. Jude A. Pierre (one of the original Access members) and LeAnne Wright the practice’s ARNP.

Dr. Rodriguez-Perez’s practice decision was based on the importance of finding a team that has the same patient values as she does.  “My primary focus is patient care.  I wanted to be with a group that had the same set of principles as I do, knowing that the patient comes first.”  Today she confirms she definitely made the right choice as her team and patients have become like family to her.  She will see the patient as often as needed doing everything necessary to advance the patient’s health.  She is a certified wound care specialist and offers top quality aid many times keeping patients from needing surgery or hospitalization.

Speaking fluent Spanish and English Dr. Rodriguez-Perez holds her face to face conversations with patients to high importance.   “We are approachable physicians here.   We want patients to know that they are never rushed and we really care about them and listen to them.  Sometimes all people need is someone to talk to.”  As she works closely with Dr. Pierre and LeAnne Wright ARNP, patients get three sets of eyes and three lives of cumulative experiences looking over their labs and results. Three heads are better than one and they all look after each other’s patients like a family should. 

This professional practice offers infusions, breathing treatments, EKGs and wound care all under one roof in a friendly environment.  While the staff works hard all week, they make sure they have a good laugh together at least once a day.  The good office relationships are sensed by patients leaving the atmosphere inviting and friendly.


To learn more about Dr. Janice Rodriguez-Perez visit:


Office contact information is: 5290 Applegate Dr., Spring Hill, FL 34606

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