When Personal Experience Meets Dedication

Meet Access Health Care’s Dietitian, Carla Danesi.  

Carla is a registered dietitian that became a dietitian to help others to make healthier choices because she understands the struggles of losing weight and healthy eating.


Growing up in an Italian ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of family, food was related to love and comfort.  Her mother showed, and still shows, her love through food and loves to prepare hearty meals everyone loves.  Whenever Carla was feeling down or going through a tough time her mother was always there for support, which included a favorite home-cooked meal and dessert.

Being the middle child with two growing brothers and in a family that was very active in any kind of sport, she did not learn portion control because she wanted to "keep up with the boys."  

Carla is an avid animal lover.  She has a horse named Tank and three cats named Topaz, Pandora and Little Man.  She loves Latin Dancing and is also a Certified Zumba Instructor. 


 While in college and through her career, Carla loved fitness, especially Zumba and horseback riding, so she became certified to teach Zumba classes and took riding lessons. During this time, she began struggling with a mystery illness that started off as just a rash and was manageable. As the years went by it progressed into a rash with severe joint pain and fatigue which prevented her from being able to teach her Zumba classes and ride horses anymore. She had to take prednisone that caused weight gain and not being able to exercise meant watching her diet was crucial to prevent further weight gain.

Once she was given a diagnosis, she learned how highly processed, simple sugars and high saturated fats triggered flare-ups and changing her diet, along with medications, has greatly improved her quality of life.  She is now able to enjoy the things had to stop doing due to pain.

Empowered by her own results, Carla earned multiple degrees and certifications. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Ohio State and has her Registered Dietitian Certification and Bachelor of Science in Health from the University of North Florida.

Specializing in creating nutrition plans for those diagnosed with diabetes and renal diseases, Carla is also able to create treatment plans for patients with cardiac conditions, weight loss, and malnutrition. Experienced and caring, Carla is committed to guiding patients toward making long-term lifestyle changes, rather than following “fad” diets.

Carla can be direct, but she feels that is part of good communication and tough love. Her idea of success is truly helping people change their lives. "I want people to know they control how they react to things." She understands that life is stressful, but with small daily changes, we can help reduce more stress than we may think. 

Carla also has a great sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh, often cracking jokes herself.  One thing you can definitely see about Carla is how she truly does love her patients the way she lights up when she talks about them.   


To learn more about how you can schedule appointment with Carla, call 352-200-2190

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