Your Doctor, Your Brother

Olakunle Ajibola, MD began his career in medicine as a Physician’s Assistant in 2002 before continuing his education to become doctor. He previously taught residents at Nova South Eastern University of Jacksonville, but make no mistake about it, Dr. Ajibola is an extremely humble and empathetic person. Teaching is in his blood as his mother is an elementary school teacher in Nigeria.  He laughs about how he always had to make sure he had good grades. Growing up in Nigeria, everyone was subject to sub-par health care. By the age of 19 he knew he wanted to become a doctor to help people with the right resources, care and compassion.

While in Haiti during the 2010 Earthquake, destruction and sickness were widespread. He recalls one particular woman whose condition was dire. He took care of her with what he had, by giving her his Gatorade, but in the back of his mind he was afraid she was not going to make it.  When he returned the next day to find her sitting up waving for him, “it was the best feeling in the world.” He could not believe his eyes that the woman he thought was going to die was sitting up waiving to him. “If you can save one life a day, that’s all you need.”

Dr. Ajibola emphasizes the importance of connecting with your patients as a human first and a doctor second. “A patient should never be threatened and should never be afraid to express themselves. They should know their doctor has their best interest at heart. We have to remember that we work for them, not the other way around.” If he can tell a patient is afraid of saying something to him, he tells them, “talk to me as if I am your brother.” He feels if you can’t allow your patients to do this, then you are in the wrong career. Patients should choose a doctor who can explain things to them without making them feel uncomfortable and make sure they understand.”     

Besides understanding the importance of having an open relationship with his patients, he believes the doctor patient relationship is a partnership for success. Preventative care starts with the patient, so we set the goals together, and work together to achieve them. What do you want to accomplish? Losing weight, reducing the need for meds? Fighting an addiction? He believes the doctor and patient should create a plan together and work through it. The patient should never feel alone. “Every patient who walks in your room has a reason they came. We have to find out what they want to talk about and help them.”

If you’re looking for a great doctor who is understanding, knowledgeable, and will work by your side on your health goals, Dr. Ajibola may be the right doctor for you. 

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