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AI in Health Care: A Seven-Course Meal

By: Dr. Pariksith Singh, MD. May 2021

AI in Health Care comes in several flavors. It is not just a standard serving, which comes out of an assembly line, no matter what an individual’s penchant or taste might be. Understanding this is key to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care.

A one-recipe-fits-all strategy might work in fast-food restaurants but not in a vast, complex, intricate, multi-dimensional approach such as AI in any other field including medicine.

Thus, I like to see AI as a seven-course meal. It is not a single package or one algorithm or even one kind of software. It is a long and deliberate process that requires considerable planning, a methodical approach with systematic laying out of the dishes of which its consistency is created.

Once the whole sitting and meal are planned out, we may look at it in this way:

  1. Appetizer: This is only to stoke one’s appetite, get introduced to the setting and ambiance, the servers, and the rasa of the evening. Perhaps, this is when the leadership is introduced to AI and how it can be implemented in the organization and thus come to an agreement that indeed the whole meal is worth continuing.
  1. Soup: Once one has grown familiar, speed begins to pick up. The soup-du-jour might depend on the individual need or a specialized or customized taste. It is not heavy. Perhaps one or two small processes or problems may be tackled so that the teams start getting used to each other and how AI needs to be planned and executed.
  1. Salad: This is where the food starts getting heavier although it is still light and green. Various dressings are possible according to personal choice and one can start taking a bigger project on in the company to test, verify, educate, introduce, fill the stomachs a little more, and create anticipation.
  1. Main Course: Here the multi-layered approach takes on a vaster scale. One goes deeper into the issues and digs in. There is more meat in the diet, a more filling intake, and serving. This is what everyone waits for. One may compare this to the platform of the entire organization which is powered and sustained by the piece-de-resistance.
  1. The Lighter Offering: Once the stomach is filled, one may nibble a bit at new opportunities in the company, lighter modules to create to refine or sell, newer versions, or tastes for the palate.
  1. Dessert: This part of the meal is relished by all. Once the main meal has been relished and the enjoyment of sweet fragrances or refinements might be tested.
  1. After-Dinner Drink: Now one loosens up, gets into the conversation, and turns attention to a more reflective, satiated state, sips the cognac, smokes a cigar, or tries espresso. The glow of a collective success overtakes the senses and one bask in the glow of a successful celebration and enterprise.

This is how one might conceive of the implementation of AI in one’s business if only to highlight the various ways in which one might approach AI and implement it to one’s unique needs.

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