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The Five Pillars of Operations - By Dr. Singh

We used to study that the three most important aspects of operations are 'people, processes, goals'.

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Utilization Management: How to Reduce Costs without Denying Care?

How to manage patient care and optimize costs without withholding care? That is the challenge.

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SMART Office - By Dr. Singh

Greater use of technology is expected to alleviate many of the problems faced by these entities and create some solutions. Can a smart office exist in a similar vein?

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Peace and wellness to all - By Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh

Our goals are honorable and we would like to see them all happen. This

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SMART Data - By Dr. Singh

It seems to me in this world of big data, analytics, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence that we need SMART data as well.

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A Mathematical Model for Claims Adjudication - By Dr. Singh

Medical Claims Adjudication is an arduous process. Creating a platform to facilitate it via automation, or even manually, is even more arduous

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An Approach to Care Management - By Dr. Singh

Your patient comes in for his scheduled visit. The exam is unremarkable and he reports he’s doing quite well.

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Coding and Billing: Time to go Deeper - Carlos Arias

The healthcare revenue process involves scheduling, registration, case management, clinical charge processing, medical records and more

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Pre-billing: A Safety Net - Carlos Arias

Imagine driving on a narrow road between two mountains. Suddenly, rocks begin tumbling down around you from both sides...

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The First Impression: Waiting Rooms and Reception Areas

The introduction to a medical practice begins in the waiting and reception area. A patient’s perception of the practice starts there.

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Risk Adjustment: A Compliant, Efficient and Medicine-Based Approach

As premiums continue to be reduced, Health Plans, IPAs, MSOs and medical groups must have plans in place that ensure an accurate RAF score

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How Do Organizations in Healthcare Measure the Value Proposition?

How Do Organizations Measure the Value Proposition? Both the numerator (Quality) and denominator (Cost) must be measured to demonstrate value.

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