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IT May Not Be IT

The recent approach of Silicon Valley to health care problems, as defined by a direct consumer-based approach, use of applications, cloud-based, with analytics and internet of things (IoT) with artificial…

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Our Journey of Compliance

Our journey, from the conception of a compliance strategy for our company, to developing a full-fledged culture and integrating it completely with operations might be of some value to others. Let me share…

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Innovation in the Boondocks: Challenges We Experienced

People: Perhaps the biggest challenge was finding the right people with sufficient expertise, passion, integrity, and compassion. Our first meeting of leaders in the company, which occurred about a dozen…

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A Care Management Strategy

Creating a Care Management (CM) program entails several requirements. But, first, it must define the goals. The goals, to my mind, are:

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The Challenge for Independent Health Care Practices

The biggest issue for health care practices today, in my opinion, is their lack of control over their destiny. In a sense, perhaps, they never had any and any independence and mastery over their future…

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Providing the Spices for the Seven-Course Meal!!! & Sriram Bhargav Madhav

The health care industry is becoming more and more high tech with advanced research and improvement in our clinical abilities to test, diagnose, and treat.

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AI in Health Care: A Seven-Course Meal

AI in Health Care comes in several flavors. It is not just a standard serving, which comes out of an assembly line, no matter what an individual’s penchant or taste might be. Understanding this is key…

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An Approach to MRA Compliance

MRA Compliance (MRAC) is a team effort. It is the combined effort of operations, clinical, technology, compliance, quality, utilization management, and finance and a strong rapport among all the teams…

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MRA Compliance and Equity

Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) creates complex arithmetic. For those not in the know of how it affects the business of Independent Physician Associations (IPA) or practices, estimating the budget is like…

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An Approach to Compliance

Compliance is a complex subject. Perhaps the most difficult to master in Health Care Management, if it ever can be mastered. We brought in compliance across our organization almost 12 years ago to ensure…

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Compliance in Operations of Revenue Cycle Management , CHC

What is operational compliance in Revenue Cycle Management? Every step of the administrative and operative processes must be intimately intertwined with the overarching theme of integrity and adherence…

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Compliance Is the Core

This is perhaps the most important essay I have written on health care. These are my conclusions after 15 years of trying to create a robust compliance system in our organization. These conclusions represent…

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